Because Memories are Special  

Bride and groom under the rainbow in dried flower matteFresh flowers are used to celebrate life’s precious moments.  Like those moments, flowers fade all too quickly and people don’t know what to do with them after the event or occasion is over.  Now you can have your flowers preserved and beautifully arranged on a frameable mat designed for the display of photos and other keepsakes.  

Petal a Memory takes dried flowers and creatively crafts photo mats to uniquely preserve the memories of:       

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Graduations
  • Proms
  • Pets
  • Baby and Bridal Showers
  • Holidays, Anniversaries, Promotions, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Proms, Dances, and more
  • Special Orders include pre-made mattings and custom collages.  

To Wedding Vendors  

Are you a wedding photographer, musician, caterer, or florist?  

Petal a Memory dried flower mats are suitable for framing and designed to display photos and other keepsakes.   

They make the perfect ‘thank you’ to clients who will never forget your thoughtful service.  

Learn more on our Wedding Vendors page.  

To Funeral Directors

Are you a funeral director? Express your condolences in a way which speaks to the heart at a time of loss.  

Learn more on our Funeral Directors page.

Regardless of how old your flowers are, we work patiently and carefully with what you have to create a keepsake you are sure to treasure.  Care and personalization is what we take pride in as we craft each piece personally for our clients.   

Don’t let dust gather on your dried flowers!  Contact Petal a Memory today to discuss how we can help guide you in beautifully preserving the blossoms from that special day. 


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A Unique and Useful Way to
Preserve Your Flowers  

After a special occasion most people dispose of their flowers, press them in a book, or keep them dried in a glass flower dome that takes up space.  Petal a Memory crafts your flowers into exquisite keepsake mats designed to frame one or more photos.   

At Petal a Memory, we take care of your flowers naturally, without chemicals or preservative sprays.  Instead, flowers are air dried for approximately three weeks to preserve their color and character.   Why Petal a Memory?   At Petal a Memory, owner Michele Monstrola crafts each uniquely designed mat with care and emotion.  No project is begun without discussing your project thoroughly to discover the background and details of the event.  Each mat is original, conveys the meaning of your memory, and is available for a reasonable price.  

Whether you are celebrating a wedding or a baby, being able to preserve your memories with framing your flowers will always make you smile as you look at them. ” 

- Danielle Mock
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Dried flower matte - Memorial from Petal a MemoryThe Process  

Each mat is completely covered with a layer of roses.  If the customer does not have enough roses, Petal a Memory can supply as many as needed for an additional fee.  The next layer includes the flowers you want to showcase.  Embellishments such as ribbon, bows, pearls, lace, pieces of wedding gown, and rhinestones are often added, with the end result being your special moment captured and preserved with loving care.  Each custom mat is suitable for framing and holds one or two of your favorite photos.    

For a beautiful result and the peace-of-mind to know your flowers are being handled with loving care, contact Petal a Memory today!

Window Framed Mats

The Vintage Window Frame mats are the newest addition to our product line. You can supply your own window or choose from our inventory. These are popular with vintage, barn, and country themed weddings. Prices vary by size. Please contact us for more information.

Window Framed Mats - Petal a memory

“My biggest reward is seeing the excitement.  Perhaps the best part of my pay comes in smiles and hugs.  That is a great reward.” 

- Michele Monstrola