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Rhinestone mattHow Petal a Memory Began  

Michele Monstrola is the owner and creator of Petal a Memory.  Michele began crafting dried flower mats several years ago after an inspiration concerning her own wedding bouquet.  She knew she could create something with it rather than just having her precious memories collecting dust.  So Michele carefully removed the petals from the bouquet and created a collage on a matt.  She did the same with flowers from a funeral of a loved one a short time later.  In the effort, Michele found the process to be both emotional and personally rewarding.  Those who saw the mats marveled at their personal and emotional appeal, and Michele found herself determined to share them with others.  

Michele’s Reward  

“My biggest reward is seeing the excitement.  Perhaps the best part of my pay comes in smiles and hugs.  That is a great reward.” 

-- Michele Monstrola  

With Michele’s experience, she always has an idea of what to do with the flowers.  Even if it is just one rose, she can work with it, crafting a lasting and beautiful remembrance for you!   

The Process  

Each mat is completely covered with a layer of roses.  If the customer does not have enough roses Petal a Memory can supply as many as needed for an additional fee.  The next layer includes the flowers you want to showcase.  Embellishments such as ribbon, bows, pearls, and rhinestones are often added, with the end result being your special moment captured and preserved with loving care.  Each custom mat is suitable for framing and holds one or two of your favorite photos.   Petal a Memory matte example

At Petal a Memory, your flowers are prepared for use naturally, without chemicals or preservative sprays.  Instead, flowers are air dried for approximately three weeks to preserve their color and character.  

For a beautiful result and the peace-of-mind to know your flowers are being handled with loving care, contact Petal a Memory today!  

At Petal a Memory we Value:  

  • Preserving the memories of your special event
  • Finding new and creative ways to display your keepsakes
  • Adding embellishments to customize the piece to your personal tastes
  • Thinking of new ways to display keepsakes and introducing exciting new ideas
  • Taking care of flowers naturally  

Together, we can uniquely preserve your flowers and present them in a way that enhances your photos and keepsakes for all to admire.  

To learn more, contact Petal a Memory today!

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