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A Customer Thank You  

Are you a funeral director?  Does your business revolve around the planning of a memorial or funeral?  If so, then consider ordering from Petal a Memory to thank your customers and to help them with the grieving process.  

Petal a Memory uniquely preserves flowers by placing dried petals on a mat, which can later be used to frame a photo or keepsake.  

By ordering a Petal a Memory mat for your customers you can offer your condolences and let them know how much you care.  It is a thoughtful remembrance of the day and leaves a lasting impression of the vendor to the customer.  The best business is spread through word-of-mouth and through clients who know you have gone the extra mile.  

 As a professional in the funeral industry, I am always looking for new and innovative ways to capture value in the funeral process.  Michele at Petal a Memory has certainly done that with her thoughtful and timeless creation of the photo mattings and bookmarks.

Anna F. Zvirman-Nesbit, Funeral Director
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It’s Easy to Order  

There are three easy steps to placing an order with Petal a Memory.  

  1. Review our pricing and samples to determine the size and shape of your mat
  2. Follow the steps on our ordering checklist
  3. Mail or drop off your flowers to our business location.  You will receive a consultation phone call from Petal a Memory to review your order and verify the details.  Most orders take about four to six weeks for completion.   

The cost of our mats ranges between $25.00 and $55.00.  This is a small price to pay to have a satisfied client for whom you have exceeded all expectations. This gesture will be highly regarded and will not go unnoticed.   

Don’t miss the opportunity to help ease the pain for someone in the process of grieving.  

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