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Frequently Asked Questions

What flowers can be used in Petal a Memory’s dried flower mats?

The foundation of our dried flower matting is always crafted using rose petals and leaves. In building on that graceful foundation, any flower can be used for decoration.

What if I don’t have any roses, or not enough roses for the size mat I want?

We can supply all the roses needed (for a modest additional charge).

How many flowers are needed to create a Petal a Memory dried flower mat?

Family portrait in matteWe will need 4-5 roses for each of the 5 x 7 mats and 7-9 roses for the 8 x 10 mats. For crafting the decorative overlay of blossoms, as many flowers as you can supply.

How soon do you need my flowers?

The sooner we receive your flowers the sooner we can get started on your order. We like to have your flowers as soon after the event as possible or when they start to wilt.

Do the flower mats come in frames?

The prices displayed on the website do not include frames. Our 5 x 7 mattings fit in most standard frames for their size, and we can frame mattings using frames that you supply. We can make arrangements to have your mattings custom framed at an additional cost. We also sell frames starting at $5.00.

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“One red rose bud from our daughter’s wedding bouquet stood in a small vase for 13 years until Michele transformed it onto a frame for our granddaughter’s first communion picture.”

Jo Luncher
Anywhere Travel Service
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How long will my matting last?

The matting will last for years as long as they are kept in a frame with glass and away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Do you use sprays or preservatives?

We believe that flowers are a natural beauty; therefore, we use no sprays or preservatives on your flowers. We dry them naturally.

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When will I receive my order?

Usually your order will be completed in 4-6 weeks. Larger orders will take 6-8 weeks. We will be able to estimate time of completion when your order is placed.

What if you run out of flowers with my order?

At the time of order we will be able to determine if we have enough flowers. If at any point we feel we do not have enough flowers to meet your order, we will contact you immediately. Dried flower matte

What if my flowers are already dried?

We can still work with them.  We would need to see them to determine what we can do.  We have worked with flowers that were 27 years old. 

What should I do with my flowers after my special event?

Do not refrigerate your flowers! Simply let the bouquet sit out or let flowers sit in an un-watered vase until the flowers begin to dry. You can send them or drop off the flowers at Petal a Memory as soon as you can and we will completely dry them for you.

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