Dried flower matte from Petal a MemoryHow to Order  

Ordering your Petal a Memory
Dried Flower Matting

There are three easy steps to placing an order with Petal a Memory.  

  1. Review our pricing and samples to determine the size and shape of your mat.
  2. Follow the steps on our ordering checklist below.
  3. Mail or drop off your flowers to our business location.  You will receive a consultation phone call from Petal a Memory to review your order and verify the details.  Most orders take about four to six weeks for completion.   

Dried Flower MatteOrdering checklist  

  1. Do not refrigerate or freeze your flowers! Cold only stops the drying process and causes them to mold.  Instead, the flowers should be kept out of water for two days before shipping or before you drop them off at the shop.  
  2. After two days of air-drying, the stems should be wrapped and layered in paper towels and placed in a box for shipping.
  3. If you are ordering a Pet Memories mat, please make sure to include any fur, pieces of toys, tags, etc. that you may want incorporated into your finished product.
  4. Sign and date the release form stating Petal a Memory is not responsible for any damage that may occur while being shipped.  
  5. Print and complete our order form and disclosure statement.  
  6. Enclose payment for your order.   
  7. Mail or drop off your flowers to:

                       Petal a Memory
                       402 A Street DisclosureOrder FormOrder Form
                       Monroeville, PA  15146  

To learn more, contact Petal a Memory today! 



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