Veterinarians, Groomers, Care-Takers and Animal Lovers

No matter what profession you may be involved we all share one thing in common: our love for animals and the ones we hold dearest, our pets. Petal a Memory would love to honor you or your clientele's special pet's achievements, honors, and most of all - the love that you share with them.

The unconditional love we receive from animals is such a rarity that we cherish them very dearly. That is why at Petal a Memory we offer a wide range of custom gifts to honor and celebrate your Max's, Mittens, and every name in between.

A Celebration, An Honor, A Commemoration.

Whether the furry friend in question is still with us or has since passed, we are happy to help you celebrate them.

Our gifts do not necessarily have to represent a friend that has passed. A special thing your pet may have done or is currently doing makes an awesome memory mat!

 For instance: Every service dog deserves to be commemorated for all their hard work and the devotion they display every day. Whether it is helping the blind cross streets, or easing walks for the physically disabled, these dogs are always willing to help.

Petal-a-memory considers all pets important and we want to extend a warm hand to help commemorate and show all the love they represent. Pet memory mats make a beautiful gift for:

  • Service animal owners
  • Show animal owners
  • Animal shelter employees
  • Regular customers at groomers, pet spas, and veterinarians' offices

If your business deals with animals, then it probably deals alot with personal relationships as well. Keep your clientele relationships strong with gifts from Petal a Memory!



Call us today at 412-823-2772 or contact Petal a Memory online today to discover what we can do to help make your or your clients' memories last a lifetime!    

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