Pet Memorials

Unfortunately, the many wonderful years you share with your beloved friend must eventually to come to an end. They may only be around for a little bit of time, but their impact lasts a lifetime. No matter how much time may pass, we never truly forget how special they were to us. Our pets love us unconditionally and always find a way to cheer us up on our saddest days.

Now they can continue to cheer you up after they've passed, as well. Pet Memorial Keepsake Mats by Petal a Memory will provide a heart-warming
reminder of the unconditional love you and your pet shared with one another.

Ease the Grieving Process

Pets are so special to us that it is often difficult to continue without their loyal companionship by your side. It takes some months and others years to heal the wounds of losing a beloved friend, but there is a special way you can help.

Petal a Memory promises that our gift will leave a lasting impression upon anyone. Our timeless pieces honor and commemorate your pets in a manner that any grieving pet parent can find comfort and happiness in.

It’s Easy to Order

 There are three easy steps to placing an order with Petal a Memory:

1. Review our pricing and samples to determine the size and shape of your mat.

2. Follow the steps on our ordering checklist. 

3. Mail or drop off your flowers to our business location.  You will receive a consultation phone call from Petal a Memory to review your order and verify the details.  Most orders take about four to six weeks for completion.

The cost of our mats ranges between $25.00 and $55.00. This is a small price to pay to have a satisfied client for whom you have exceeded all expectations. This gesture will be highly regarded and will not go unnoticed. Don’t miss the opportunity to help ease the pain for someone in the process of grieving.


Contact Petal a Memory today and find out the possibilities.    

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