Cherish the Memories with Your Beloved Pets

Pets play such an important role in our lives - their unconditional love is unlike anything else. To help cherish the special moments you have shared with them along the way, Petal a Memory can design a beautifully crafted keepsake mat to be framed:

  • We can add fur or feathers – either scattered or bundled in bows around the mat.
  • You can also include additional flowers – either flowers you supply - or any number of different colored selections from our beautiful personal inventory.
  • We can incorporate a variety of different reminders of your cherished pets:
    • Tags, collars, and leashes
    • Toys or pieces of toys
    • Any keepsake or charms
    • Ribbons and bows
    • Pieces of clothing
    • Any item small enough to fit on a mat

If you are unsure if we can incorporate something into your special memory, please contact us and let our staff know what it is.

Pet Portraits by Mary Beth Kratsas

If you need photos of your pet, our pre-furred pet portrait provider is Mary Beth Kratsas! We've been working with Mary Beth for years - she even provided the pet portraits you see on this page and all of our pet pages. Check out more of her work at and start making memories with your pets today!

A Lifetime of Memories

Our furry friends may only be here for a small portion of our lives, but their impact lasts a lifetime.

At Petal a Memory, we understand how precious your family friend is to you - that's why each of our unique designs are custom designed to honor your furry friend.

One Paw Print or Feather at a Time

No matter what type of pet you love, we will customize our pet memories keepsake to fit their style and yours!

Through years of experience we have grown close with our clientele. We realize just how important these memories truly are to you and your family. At Petal a Memory, we want to be the helping hand that creates something unique and special that you can cherish for years to come.

Create a Memory for Friends or Family

Trying to recreate the joy you have received over the years is a difficult thing to do. The love you receive from a pet is a truly one-of-a-kind experiences. To remind your friends and family of their friend in a special way, consider gifting them a petal memory! Chances are you also have shared some special moments with their pets as well. To honor and celebrate the love they share, Petal a Memory will always deliver you a heartfelt gift.

Easy to Order, Personalized for You

There are three easy steps to placing an order with Petal a Memory.

1. Review our pricing and samples to determine the size and shape of your mat

2. Follow the steps on our ordering checklist

3. Mail or drop off your flowers to our business location.  You will receive a consultation phone call from Petal a Memory to review your order and verify the details. Most orders take about four to six weeks for completion

Use any dried flowers you already have or plan ahead for future events in which you may receive flowers. Petal a Memory also offers ready-made mats to complement your favorite photographs. For sentiment’s sake or simply the beauty of our skillful designs, Petal a Memory can provide that treasured keepsake you’ve been looking for

Contact Petal a Memory today and find out the possibilities.    

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