Flower Mat Sizes and Prices  

At Petal a Memory, we create beautiful flower mattings from your dried flowers, suitable for framing and displaying your favorite photos and more.   

We offer three mat sizes designed to fit into standard photo frames.  We also can customize orders and create mats for collages or uniquely sized frames.  

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Frame Size: 5 x 7
Photo Opening Size: 4 x 6
Price: $25.00
Embellished Price: $30.00
+Shipping (see below)

Frame Size: 8 x 10
Photo Opening Size: 5 x 7
Price: $35.00
Embellished Price: $42.00
+Shipping (see below)

Frame Size: 11 x 14
Photo Opening Size: 8 x 10
Price: $55.00
Embellished Price: $65.00
+Shipping (see below)

Frame Size: 11 x 14
Photo Opening Size: 5 x 7 (2)Price: $75.00
Embellished Price: $87.00
+Shipping (see below)

Frame Size: 10 x 20
Photo Opening Size:5 x 7 (3)Price: $100.00
Embellished Price: $115.00
+Shipping (see below)
 Frame Size: 16 x 20
Photo Opening Size: 11 x 14
Price: $100.00
Embellished Price: $117.00
+Shipping (see below)


Shipping is a flat fee rate of $15 in Pennsylvania and $20 outside of Pennsylvania. Plus Insurance.

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Petal a Memory matte example


You may select the shape of the opening for the photo, such as an oval or rectangle.

If you do not have sufficient roses for the size of mat you would like, we can add the rest (for a modest additional charge).


Do you have some special items you'd like to include?  If you supply us with the materials, we can add embellishments to make your mat truly unique.

Embellishments include ribbons, bows, pearls, lace, pieces of wedding gowns, and rhinestones, feathers, sea shells, bits of your wedding gown, or any other idea you'd like to discuss with us.  The end result being your special memories captured and preserved with loving care. (Additional charges apply, depending on the size of the mat.)

Special Orders  

  • Pre-Made Flower Mattings.  If you like the look of the petal-decorated mat and do not have any flowers of your own, Petal a Memory offers completed mats in a variety of colors  
  • Collages.  Let us work with you on a truly special design, a collage made to display multiple photos or other keepsakes.  In addition to enhancing the display of photos, our flower mats can be used for invitations, memory cards, birth announcements, graduation announcements, and more.   

Prices for special orders vary based on your custom needs. Price is determined on day of your complementary consultation or when your order is placed.  

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