Preserve Wedding Bouquets

How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet Forever  

At Petal a Memory, we know you cherish your wedding flowers and you’re looking for the best way to keep and preserve them forever. Yes, there are “how to” instructions online, but you know it’s about more than drying flowers. You want an artful presentation, a treatment that brings vivid memories to life.

  • Custom, hand-made presentations that embody the spirit of your special day
  • Enjoy the beauty of your dried flowers as they frame precious photographic memories
  • Our expertly arranged floral mats can also frame your wedding invitation or be used as a collage to include a variety of photographs and keepsakes

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Preserved Wedding Flowers on Display

It’s true that things that are “out of sight” are “out of mind.” Instead of storing your wedding flowers away in a closet, use them to brighten your home for years to come. At Petal a Memory, we custom arrange framed flower mats that highlight your most precious photographic memories.

We have a wide range of photo mats that can be decorated and embellished with flowers from your wedding day and from the special days leading up to it including your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner. Do not let the centerpieces or corsages from these pre-wedding events go to waste when you can use them to tell a story about your wedding planning and celebration!

  • An artistic expression not available everywhere
  • Floral preservation that creates an enduring keepsake
  • Memories and timeless moments framed in preserved flowers

Contact Petal a Memory for a personal consultation. We can preserve the beauty of your wedding bouquet in a way that brings precious memories to life.


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