Preserving the First Day of Your Life Together  

Petal A Memory - Wedding Window FramYour wedding day is unforgettable.  The flowers are spectacular, and yet they will fade so fast.  

Petal a Memory helps preserve those memories by crafting dried flowers from your special day into a presentation of lasting beauty.  We custom craft arrangements of dried flowers on mats that are suitable for framing and which holds one or more of your favorite photographs.  

A Unique Wedding Gift  

Make sure to preserve the bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere!

At Petal a Memory, we take the dried flower petals and skillfully arrange them as decoration on a mat that beautifully frames any of your wedding photographs.  

I was so pleased to find Petal A Memory so that I had a way to capture the beauty of my wedding bouquet.

Mrs. Anna Nesbit
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To Wedding Vendors  

Are you a wedding photographer, musician, caterer, or florist?  

Petal a Memory dried flower mats are suitable for framing and designed to display photos and other keepsakes.   

They make the perfect ‘thank you’ to clients who will never forget your thoughtful service.  

Learn more on our Wedding Vendors page.  

Embellishments such as ribbon, pearls, lace, pieces of wedding gowns, and rhinestones can be added (for an additional charge) to personalize the mat as well.   

Enjoying the beauty of your dried flowers as they frame precious photographic memories makes more sense than to have them out-of-sight, pressed in a book or sitting in storage.  Our mats also complement or replace the need to use glass flower domes, which often take up too much space.  Petal a Memory displays flowers and photos at once!

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Consider Petal a Memory as one of the most precious gifts you could give to your parents and the bridal party.  You can even preserve the flower girl and ring bearer’s flowers!  It turns a wedding photograph into a gift with meaning.  

The floral mat can also frame your wedding invitation or be used as a collage to include a

Preserve Wedding

Want to preserve your wedding bouquet? Don't store your flowers away forever; put them on display for all to admire.  

Learn more on our Preserve Wedding Bouquets page.  

variety of photographs and keepsakes.  The possibilities are endless!   

Whether your wedding is in the future or long past, Petal a Memory can work with you.  We have worked with flowers that were over 27 years old!    

She was so wonderfully easy to work with---totally honest---and created masterpieces for myself and my girls. She helped me locate the perfect frames to enhance her work!! When we came back to get them---we were amazed!!!!

Cheryl A. Deitman-Grubee
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It’s Easy, Get Started Now!    Bride and Groom kissing in church

Begin by visiting our pricing page to see how many flowers you would need for a specific size mat.  

Next, view our checklist on the How to Order page to make sure you get the best result from your wedding day flowers.    

At Petal a Memory, we prefer to have a personal consultation with the bride and/or groom so we can personalize the order to the highest degree possible.  With our experience, we can also make suggestions and help guide you through your order.  Any petals that are not used will be placed in a jar for an added keepsake.   

Reviving Precious Wedding Memories!   

Even if your wedding day is long in the past, we have several exciting options.  First, we need to learn about the condition of the flowers and how many you have.  We accomplished beautiful work with as little as a single flower.  Because all of our mats are lined with roses and then accented with embellishments and other flowers, we can supply any of these components to make sure your saved petals look amazing.     Bride and groom walking

Believe it, you have not missed your opportunity to beautifully display your flowers in a matted frame.    

There are three easy steps to placing an order with Petal a Memory.   

  1. Review the pricing and samples to determine the size and shape of your matt
  2. Follow the steps on our ordering checklist.  
  3. Mail or drop off your flowers to our business location.  You will receive a consultation phone call from Petal a Memory to review your order and verify the details.  Most orders take about four to six weeks for completion.    

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Contact Petal a Memory today and find out the possibilities.    

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